Sacks Tierney Community Engagement Day at Hunkapi Farm

Sacks Tierney Community Engagement Day at Hunkapi Farm.

Once a 40-acre horse ranch on the frontier of the Old West, Hunkapi [hun-kah-pee] now operates as a 10-acre ranch in the heartland of urban Scottsdale, serving to enlighten, inspire and rehabilitate those with special needs through equine therapy. 

The pastoral setting offers a respite from the demands of the modern world in an environment where individuals can connect with their surroundings and invigorate their spirits through sustainability and service. 

The Sacks Tierney team had the opportunity to tour the grounds and contribute to the preservation of the facilities – a day devoted to the enrichment of the land and our community. 

Thank you to the gracious and dedicated team at Hunkapi for leading this profound mission. As the name itself, derived from the Lakota Native American tribe, aptly suggests: “we are all related.”