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Uniform Commercial Code

Our UCC practice includes negotiating and drafting purchase and sales arrangements, perfecting and foreclosing personal property liens, and addressing bankruptcy ramifications affecting parties to a commercial transaction.

The diverse and complex world of commercial transactions is constantly evolving, as new laws keep pace with technological innovations. We can help keep your national and international business running smoothly, efficiently and profitably in the face of these changes.

Whether your needs involve the purchase and sale of tangible goods, bulk sales of business assets, negotiable instruments and banking relations, letters of credit, investment securities, or security interests in personal property, Sacks Tierney’s UCC practice encompasses commercial transactions and litigation, including:

  • Documentation of ongoing commercial purchase and sales arrangements

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements involving the purchase and sale of entire businesses

  • Perfecting and foreclosing personal property liens

  • Protections against defaulting buyers or sellers, borrowers or lenders

  • Bankruptcy ramifications affecting all parties to a commercial transaction

In addition, we advise clients on the laws affecting international transactions, as well as Internet and other e-commerce businesses.