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Judy Dworkin, Marijuana Business Lawyer

Judy Dworkin

Janet Jackim, Marijuana Business Lawyer

Janet Jackim

Gaye Gould, Marijuana Business Lawyer

Gaye L. Gould

Phil Rudd, Marijuana Business Lawyer

Phil Rudd

  Matthew F. Winter, Marijuana Business Lawyer

Matt Winter


Global Cannabis Industry: The Essential Primer

Global Cannabis Industry:
The Essential Primer

Sacks Tierney's Janet Jackim comments on  business trends in Arizona's cannabis industry in this October 2019 Meritas publication.



Marijuana Business Attorneys

Sacks Tierney attorneys help investors and business owners that wish to enter, or are already engaged in, businesses relating to the legal cultivation, processing, distribution and sale of marijuana in Arizona.

For informed investors and entrepreneurs, Arizona’s nascent legal marijuana industry offers unprecedented opportunities and poses unique challenges. At the same time, it involves many of the legal, operational and financial considerations common to any business enterprise.

Sacks Tierney’s position as a leading law firm for owners and investors in the marijuana industry is bolstered by its attorneys’ skill, experience and innovation in capital formation, equity structuring, regulatory compliance, contract law, and complex business and real estate transactions.

  • Sacks Tierney attorneys advise clients in the cannabis industry only with respect to compliance with Arizona law, in accordance with Arizona Ethics Opinion 11-01.

Marijuana Business and Investment Opportunities

Our recent experience and information that we have gained in transactions related to Arizona’s medical marijuana industry affirm the growing opportunities for investors and business owners:

  • high net worth and angel investors that have a tolerance for uncertainty and wish to stake out a beachhead before more institutionalized investors enter the market;

  • owners of Arizona marijuana businesses that will need substantial capital to remain competitive, or wish to cash out now;

  • owners and investors that are interested in multi-state opportunities and believe that a successful track record in one state will provide at least some competitive advantages in licensing and national branding;

  • ancillary businesses that do or will serve the legal marijuana industry; and

  • banks and other financial institutions seeking to generate large deposits and non-price-sensitive fee-based income from an emerging market.

Marijuana Industry Experience

Sacks Tierney marijuana business clients include high net worth, joint venture and corporate investors; dispensary applicants, owners and operators; interveners in receiverships; industry vendors; and litigants. Our attorneys have:

  • prepared dispensary applications and governmental filings;

  • structured private placements and acquisition transactions;

  • advised investors and operators on employment, operational, legal and compliance, and real estate challenges unique to this industry; and

  • drafted various business contracts with special attention to marijuana cultivation, processing and distribution arrangements.

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The Needs of Marijuana Businesses

Whether marijuana becomes fully legal in Arizona or remains limited to medical use, our attorneys’ experience and ability to anticipate the emerging needs of Arizona’s legal marijuana industry encompasses a broad spectrum of investment, financial, regulatory and business ownership issues.


  • License and certificate applications

  • Entity structuring

  • D&O, member/shareholder issues

  • Not-for-profit requirements


Multi-Entity Management and Service Agreements

  • Cultivation

  • Processing

  • Distribution

  • Sale

Real Estate