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Matthew F. Winter

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Equity and Debt Finance

Growing companies need attorneys who share the spirit of entrepreneurship and are committed to helping businesses achieve their highest goals

Sacks Tierney business and finance attorneys help growing Arizona companies achieve greater liquidity and attract needed capital to fuel their operations and expansion, from both equity and debt investors and commercial lenders.

Our knowledge of capital formation and federal and state securities laws and regulations, combined with our contacts within the banking industry in Arizona, regionally and nationally, makes us a valuable legal resource and ally for business owners striving to lead their company to the next level.


For companies seeking an infusion of equity, our services to new and growing companies include assisting in:

  • the development and/or refinement of business plans and strategies;

  • assessing and, as necessary, configuring or reconfiguring the organizational and capital structures of businesses to:

    • facilitate raising start-up and follow-on equity capital; and

    • ensure that organizational and capital structures will accommodate financing needs and business objectives;

  • preparation of private placement memoranda in connection with securities offerings exempt from SEC registration requirement;

  • facilitating presentations to potential investors; and

  • designing and implementing capital formation transactions to comply with federal and state securities requirements, including the preparation of offering memoranda and related investor and other documentation.

Debt Financing

In representing borrowers, our business and banking attorneys can help you:

  • identify “best fit” lenders for your industry and type of business and make introductions to key decision-makers;

  • negotiate and structure debt transactions with banks, asset-based lenders and private lenders;

  • negotiate collateral to secure your debt and to achieve balance and business and financial flexibility;

  • negotiate terms of personal and corporate guaranties;

  • avoid common pitfalls in debt agreements;

  • analyze and understand the risks associated with your transaction; and

  • when necessary, structure loan workouts for financially distressed commercial borrowers.